Episode 96 - Silly Antonio Brown!


On the eve of a brand new NFL season, Toby is joined by his ol' pal Aaron Grossman who, after hearing last Episode 95, wanted to try to convince Toby that NFL football really isn't all that bad. They discuss the biggest storylines (Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Tom Brady, The Browns/Chiefs/Packers/Cowboys) and Toby decides what he's gonna do about his feelings towards the whole thing.
Before all that, Toby connects with Marshall in 'Studio B' to update him on Bianca Andreescu's latest (impressive) victory at the US Open and they decide whether or not they are convinced she is the real deal. They also commiserate about the Canadian Men's Basketball program because it makes them both sad and so very disappointed.

Special appearance by Lee Williamson (Walk Off The Earth/IG: fightlikeafarmer) who Toby and Marshall reminisce with about the Raptors winning the NBA title. Lee also teaches Toby about the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

Episode 95 - Toby Talks Betting On Tennis


On August 15th Toby called up Marshall to talk about Jay-Z and his new partnership with the NFL and what sense we are to make of all of that nonsense...

Toby is then joined by the guys at Just the Tips Tennis (justthetipstennis.com) to talk about handicapping tennis and why it may be the most undervalued way to gamble on sports. These guys know what they are talking about. They also discuss the trends we are seeing in Canadian tennis and they make some predictions about the US Open. Place your bets people!


Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 10.19.20 AM.png

Toby and Marshall are joined by Lucas Meyer (Newstalk 1010) to discuss his experience reporting on all things that was the Raptors championship parade and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly.
They also deal with all issues surrounding Kawhi’s year in Toronto and his somewhat untimely departure. Is Toby right or dead wrong about his take...?
Lucas also shares his experience voicing PM Justin Trudeau on a recent episode of The Simpsons.
The episode ends with this question: if the Leafs won the cup, will their parade be bigger than the one the Raptors just had?
What do you think?

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Episode 92 - Extract a Champion

Toby is joined by Marshall in studio and all they can talk about is the KD injury and the incredible game that was Game 5. Is anyone to blame? Should anybody feel guilty? Toby and Marshall both have thoughts on this.

They then bring in longtime Raptors fan Jay (USS, Human Kebab) to discuss Coach Nurse’s decisions on how to use his timeouts, about the NHL on CBC using USS’s ‘Ying Yang’ as the theme to the Stanley Cup Finals, and about being an artist/musician who also loves sports.

Episode 91 - Oh Canada


Marshall joins Toby from the back of a Lyft in Oakland as he prepares to sing The Canadian National Anthem before Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Toby then calls Dan Gladman to talk about what it’s been like to produce these playoff games for Canadian television and what it means to him to be a part of it.

Lastly Toby calls his Dad who lives in San Francisco to get his opinion on the local San Francisco media and how his Raptors fandom has really blossomed during this NBA season.

Episode 89 - Dan Shulman Talks Sports


This episode of Toby Talks Sports is a very special one because Toronto-born broadcaster Dan Shulman (ESPN, Sportsnet, Toronto Blue Jays) sits down in studio with Toby and Andrew Damelin (TSN, Raptors Republic) to talk about growing up in Toronto, the highlights of his illustrious career and the current state of the Toronto franchises he holds dear.

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Episode 88 - William Nylander Returns And Nick Nurse Loses His Cool


Dan Gladman (Raptors) comes back in studio to talk to Toby and Andrew Damelin (TSN) about wether or not Nick Nurse is as good a head coach as the general public thinks he is.  They also discuss how the games are officiated and what (if any) are the Raptors weaknesses at this point in the season.

This episode also marks the beginning of a new segment called ‘Uncle Leo’s Leafs’.  The signing of Nylander is OBVIOUSLY the focus of this segment’s maiden voyage. 

Episode 87 - JD Bunkis, Danny G, LeBron and the 2018 Toronto Raptors


A lot of basketball talk here as we are now through the first week of the NBA season. JD Bunkis (host of Sportsnet 590's 'Good Show' & 'The Association' podcast) sits down in studio with Toby and Dan Gladman to talk about the Raptors first 4 games, the tests they have passed so far and what the story of this season really is. They also speak about LeBron and his legacy, how players bounce back from failure and if the Raptors need to finish the season as the first seed in the East.

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Episode 86 - Why You Be Hating?

Toby is joined in studio by co-host Mike Skolnik and they review the Raptors season opener, the ranking of each NBA conference, and what exactly constitutes a rivalry.

The two of them are then joined by their friend Fink for the first instalment of 'Why you be hating?' with Kawhi, Osuna and the Montreal Canadiens as the main targets. It appears Fink doesn't hate as much as Toby thought...

Episode 84 -Tiger Wins, Gibby Loses, Kyle’s Upset, Nylander’s MIA

Skolnik comes back to the studio to talk with Toby about the departure of John Gibbons, the baby Jays and Kyle Lowry's attitude towards the Toronto media. Toby also starts some Kyle Lowry trade rumours...

Uncle Leo tells Toby and Skolly how he sees the William Nylander saga play out and sets the lines for the upcoming Leafs season.

The guys are ONLY THEN AT THE END OF THE PODCAST joined by Toby's buddy Andrew Simon to talk about their shared love of Tiger Woods, his back injury, his Brittany Spears-esqu fall from grace and now his return to glory.

Episode 83 - Danny G and Lucas M and Kawhi L

Toby is joined in studio by his biggest fan Dan 'Danny G' Gladman (Toronto Raptors) and by new Toronto resident Kaw.... Lucas Meyer (680 News) and they talk all about RJ Barrett, Canada Basketball, and of course Kawhi Leonard.  Lucas shares a story about running into DeMar and Sonny Weems.  Toby expresses his concern (once again) about what is said to pitch Kawhi to stay in Toronto long term.  Danny G tries to explain Phish and their festivals to Lucas.


Toby and Andrew are joined by Blake Murphy (Raptors Republic, The Athletic TO, Vice Sports) to talk about the most monumental trade in the Raptors franchise's history from all angles - the human side, the basketball side and the fan side.  This is a must listen for all Raptors fans trying to get over the loss of DeMar DeRozan who has been the face of Raptors basketball for 9 years.

Toby, Andrew and Blake will help you look towards the future while validating your fond memories of the past.

Episode 80 - Let's Talk Scouting

Toby is joined in studio by Blue Jays Director of Pro Scouting Ryan 'Mitzy' Mittleman.  The two of them talk about where the Jays find themselves as they near the trade deadline and what work is being done in the front office when a team is looking towards future seasons.  They discuss market evaluation, player evaluation, and some of the kids coming up in the Jays minor league system.

Episode 79 - Rumours

Toby and Andrew talk about the rumours swirling around the Raptors and the potential of trading for a top talent in the NBA.  They then move on to talk about Milos Raonic's run at Wimbledon and what it means.  Also is Serena Williams the most dominant athlete of all time?

The guys are then joined in studio by Skolnik to talk about the state of the NBA and how it is making hardcore fans and casual fans alike potentially a little less interested in the upcoming season...

Episode 77 - J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!!


Toby and Kirsh catch up on all the insanity in the Toronto sports scene. The Raps get swept by the LeBron's (again) and fire the coach. What does Toby think about that?

The Leafs don't make it out of the first round.  Is Leo alright with that?

The Jays are lukewarm and lost their closer due to him allegedly being a terrible person.  How does Kirsh feel about him if he returns to the team?

The guys are then joined by Joel Visentin (The Lizards - www.thelizardsband.com & JV's Boogaloo Squad) and they discuss what it's like to have come from Winnipeg and why the Jets are really a unique Canadian team in the NHL.